About your Ripple Community

Your Ripple Community Guidelines and Rules 📘

Your Ripple Community Guidelines & Rules are there to help create a kind, helpful, safe and inspiring environment for Ripple members. Ripple members can view, post and comment in your community. The community is also open to be read by non-Ripple member's too. Please bear this in mind to avoid posting any personal account information.

Learn how to create the best posts helps keep your Community a great place to engage. The Rules & Guidelines will continually be updated.

General Guidelines

  • Take 2 seconds to search a topic/question before creating a new post.

  • Images, links and supporting media all help make your posts engaging.

  • Feel free to add emoji reactions/comments to a post to let you fellow members know you are engaging with their posts

Asking a question

Starting discussions

Suggesting new feature requests

  • Post in the New Feature Request space.

  • Clearly describe the idea you have.

  • Provide examples where you can.

Your Ripple Community Rules

Please review your Ripple Community Rules below. Violation of your Community Rules may result in warning or account removal. We recognise that every situation is unique and as issues arise, we will do our best to treat every member fairly.

  1. Be kind and respectful. Your Ripple Community celebrates all views and perspectives. Healthy debate is encouraged, but kindness is required.

  2. No promotions or spam. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links are not allowed. If content is shared, please add context about why it's relevant to Ripple members. Referral codes can only be shared if requested by another member.

  3. No bullying or hate speech. Personal attacks are not tolerated, including degrading comments about race, religion, politics, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity. Members engaging in this type of behavior will be removed. Deliberately derailing threads or personal attacks on the poster will not be tolerated.

  4. No illegal activities. Sharing copyrighted material, unauthorised downloads, pirated software etc. are prohibited. Do not suggest or speculate on ways of breaking the law.

  5. No offensive material. Inappropriate language, gore and content above PG-13 are not tolerated. Members promoting this content within their engagements and/or profiles will be removed.

  6. Spreading misleading content/information. Only honest news and authentic content is permitted in the Ripple Community.

Consequences for breaking these guidelines  

We will do everything we can to foster a positive environment to encourage different opinions and healthy debate. If we deem a violation has taken place we will do the following:

First offence: We’ll be in touch with a warning to let you know what you did, and how it violates our Rules & Guidelines

Second offence: We’ll temporarily suspended you from the Ripple Community

Third offence: Following suspension, if you return and violate our rules again we will permanently remove you from the Ripple Community

Serious offences, including a serious first time offence: If we feel your violation is serious enough, we will immediately suspend you from the Ripple Community. 

If you see a post which offends you and you believe breaks these guidelines:

  • Pop us a private message to Team Ripple (chat button on top right) and we'll look into it. If possible, share a link of the specific post in question. The team will have the final say in deciding what breaks the rules. They will use their judgement to determine what is in the best interest of maintaining an inclusive community.

Reporting Bugs

  • Spotted something not quite right? Think you've identified a bug? Drop us a message with as much information as possible to Team Ripple and we'll look into.